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  • Mullah Bilgeman: Look, you want to see a violent Alpha Male? Try <a href="">stniealg</a> something or someone from him that's rightfully his. An Alpha Male is the Captain of his own ship, sets his own course, and takes responsibility for his own destiny. You don't get more "Alpha" than that.Beta Male? He's a punk. An adolescent or arrested adolescent loser who hasn't got anything worth defending, and he knows it. He's not got the balls to make his mark and put it on the line day in and day out with no guarantee of success. He's at heart a sniveling crybaby who is throwing tantrums because the world doesn't hold his [its] breath when he gets out of bed at the crack of noon.Mullah Bilgeman, you continue to impress me with your innovative reinterpretations of accepted reality. That's really the key here: Namely what is accepted or perceived as opposed to the actual. SIDEBAR: If anyone doubts the triumph of perception over reality, I invite you to consider Ronco Corporation. Ron Popiel made untold MILLIONS of dollars by playing public perception like a first chair violinist. His Ginsu knives and Showtime Roaster were the alpha and omega of mass marketed crap, churned out like jelly beans and sold at lobster prices. His key marketing lever was the now ubiquitous infomercial . When average television viewers were confronted with a full half-hour program devoted to a single product they were all too often convinced on that basis alone that Ronco's products had to be of value. After all, not even the biggest television advertisers afforded themselves such lavish programming, even if it was at 2:00AM in the morning.Keep in mind how if the average Fortune 500 company delegated a similar percentage of earnings to television advertising, that shareholders would drop their stock like a live grenade. No viable industrial concern could possibly afford to spend such a huge percentage of revenues on televised marketing and hope to survive. Yet, for Ronco, they could not possibly turn a profit without it. What does this tell you?Answer? IT IS ALL ABOUT PERCEIVED VALUE By controlling audience and, hence, consumer perception, Ron Popiel managed to confer wholly unwarranted value upon what were in reality products of no more worth than a five-minute-toy. Keep this in mind as the importance of perception is explored even further in this thread.Mullah Bilgeman, you correctly note how so much of Madison Avenue is chasing after prepubescent upper middle class white girls and, by the way, that statement happens to work on all levels. By ignoring the real source of wealth namely, the workingman and, now, the workingwoman as well these marketing gurus attempt to artificially neuter real Alpha Males and enthrone the far more easily manipulated Betas. Be it insecure teenyboppers or bored suburban wiggers with dangerous quantities of spare time and cash, both have seen their sense of self-importance purposefully over-inflated by slick mass marketing machines. I cheerfully admit that you are absolutely right about who the real Alpha Male is. The larger problem is that moneyed interests have ordained witless and ineffectual Betas as the de facto Alphas solely for the purpose of fleecing them all the better. In a recent Belmont Club thread Whiskey_199 noted how the vast majority of television programming and, ergo, advertising is directed at women and gays. Your average middle-aged white male breadwinner goes largely ignored. Why is this?I'd wager it's because us average middle-aged white male breadwinners yes, I'm one are nigh well impervious to the sort of transparently manipulative drivel that these marketing geniuses spew out 24x7x365. Take your pick, Pokemon, Beanie Babies, Thomas Kincaide, Domino's Pizza, all of them like the InSynch and Backstreet boy bands or Britney Spears are mass marketed crap that wouldn't sell for beans without the impetus of supremely well-orchestrated and well-oiled opportunistic marketing machines that back them up.This comes full circle when one considers how without media participation or, more aptly, collusion much of this societal and moral inversion would not be possible. Neutering the moral enabling of those who hold actual power is a priority for those who seek to promote the Post-Modern Kali Yuga of inverted values. The depravity of elevating thugs and airheads to the station of societal arbiters doesn't just end there. The media is complicit in far more loathsome pursuits. Keep this notion in mind as an even more incredibly vile agenda is brought to bear. Consider 's piece, Video Made the Terrorist Star This imbalance of scrutiny is not terribly bothersome to television journalists, because it does not undermine their ability to create gripping theater. News segments, for the most part, require simple, compelling human dramas that can be delivered to the home audience in extremely small packages. The camera demands emotion and plot, not fairness, context, or intellectual rigor. To the camera, there is no right and wrong, no terrorist and victim.This kind of reportage has created a relationship of co-dependency between terrorists and the media: The fetishization of suffering results in a morally obtuse emphasis on civilian casualties, and the ensuing outcry from world organizations and opinionated foreign governments intimidates and hamstrings Western militaries attempting to defeat terrorists. And the more that Western forces are undermined by oppositional coverage, the greater the incentive for terrorists to maximize civilian casualties and thereby keep the media pressure on their enemies. Operating without moral restrictions, Hezbollah has endeavored to do exactly that and with magnificent, arguably unprecedented, success. Because democratic governments cannot endure in conflicts that the public believes to be immoral, the task of groups such as Hezbollah is to undermine the Western public's sense of moral clarity in the fight. And, in too many cases, in the television news media Hezbollah has found a willing partner as have other terror groups like Hamas and Fatah.[emphasis added]In full keeping with Mullah Bilgeman's sagacious distinction regarding who in reality is the actual Alpha Male, we now bear witness to the media's unbelievably vicious effort at empowering the most hideous imaginable actors. No teenyboppers or wiggers are these delightfully thuggish scoundrels. When compared with the ruthless amorality of these new media darlings, even the most hardcore gangsta rappers pale into wimpish insignificance. These truly are the ones who can upset the West's meticulously constructed applecart. As with all things anti-Western, the media cannot help but adore those who best represent the death of Judeo-Christian civilization. No better Nielsen ratings can be had than by detailing the catastrophic descent of white man into his well-deserved decline and extinction. Thank you, Bilgeman, for obliging me to re-examine my own interpretation of this particular reality. The imposition of intellectual honesty upon each other in the Internet and blogsphere is a supreme duty we all have to each other. I can only hope that others will draw conclusions similar to the one that I have identified in the foregoing paragraphs. It is difficult in the extreme to convey just how disturbing these ideas are, yet I cannot help but make sure they are brought to light.

    Zaslal Renato, 03/12/2015 06:59

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    Zaslal Viksa, 01/12/2015 19:05

  • Taky opožděně přeji česke9mu Google všechno nejlepšed. Rozvedjet a přeložit Talk by bylo fajn, ale u ne1s se bohužel moc nepoužedve1, mysledm že je to <a href="">spoejn</a>e9 s tedm, že většina lided ICQ použedve1, protože to majed ostatned a sami na te9 službě nic převratne9ho nevided. Mysledm, že nejdředve budou přeloženy služby, ktere9 jsou hojně použedvane9, viz anketa - mapy a YouTube :)

    Zaslal Ekain, 30/11/2015 08:38

  • Určitě by se hodilo nějake9 cetnurm, kde by mohli lide9 vedce otevřeně mluvit, zatedm jedine9 cetnurm je v a přeci jen to nened ono a k tomu anglicky... Pak rozhodně vice vyvedjet , sice jej použedve1m, ale zne1m jen 4 lidi česky mluvedced co jej majed, chtělo by to kampaň, aby to předčilo i ICQ, ale to asi nehrozed... :-(Jinak GRATULUJI :-)

    Zaslal Akuraan, 30/11/2015 00:59

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