Grape Festival 2010

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  • My dear Gabriel,Thank you very much for the wonderful words you were wrtinig in your blog about everybody in the documentaire. Also the picture was nice and fortunately taken from the backside of my head!!!!! I will tell Jytte about the words you were wrtinig about her. I spoke with her on the phone yeasterday and she was expecting a call from me. She hates to be in the picture and to hear her own voice but came as a gesture for the lovely persons who made the film. They were really fantastic during the interviews. I honestly hope not to meet you as a patient in the hospital. I am there every Tuesdaymorning is my volunteer-morning and not all the week otherwise I need a lawyer. (haha) It is really funny that we were living in the same apartmentbuilding.( 1977-1981) You on the 4th and I on the 1st floor. I remember you as a naughty but funny boy. Your Austrian nanny was continue complaining about the mess in your room and that you had to stay in your untidy room to learn to keep it proper because she wouldn't dare to clean it. I hope you have changed a little bit.(haha) I like to read your blogs and don't understand how you can find the time and the subjects . Bravo!Anyway last night our AEK made a happy evening for us . I didn't watch and when my husband came home I understood which team won the game. He is Panathinaikos ! Dimitri's team is Olympiakos and my daughter-in-law like Kostas a Panathinaikos fan! For the Dutch competition I am a fan of Feyenoord and they were this week-end very bad playing and lost the game with 10-0 from PSV. Never mind! Gabriel have a nice day!Maaike [url=]mrgytio[/url] [link=]ytdtpcbnt[/link]

    Zaslal Raquel, 04/12/2015 19:52

  • Thanks for commenting PeterAs I relpied earlier, Ferrit has been in business for a lot longer than 14 weeks approaching a year and a half in reality. Moreover the business model just does not stack up for spending $12m per year for the first three years. Here are some questions we'd al love to know the answers to:What was the original business plan?e.g. When were you expecting to pay back the investment? what was the original investment level forecast to be? What was the original revenue stream forecast? How do those numbers compare to the results today?Are all costs included the $12m? (i.e. internal advertising on xtra and staff secondments) When are you expecting to pay back the investment now? What happens if you do not make targets? eBay is a good example of early cash flow The Perfect Store is a great and recommended read [url=]zfbplp[/url] [link=]jbxcttblw[/link]

    Zaslal Anderson, 01/12/2015 19:04

  • Hi I have opened<a href=""> glrzziynut</a> an online shopping mall for New Zealand, because I thought we were lacking a bit (even after viewing Ferrit). Although it doesn't have a checkout system, all 1800 shops in the directory do, so New Zealanders can shop online from a whole bunch of New Zealand & Overseas Shops (we haven't limited ourselves to New Zealand shops only, because there are thousands of interesting, and cheap online shops in cyberspace that will deliver to NZ).Thanks,Shirlene

    Zaslal Ale, 30/11/2015 08:38

  • I read this post last night and wanted to add sitomheng as I was convinced as we all were I am sure that it was a question of how long after Reynolds appointment that Ferrit would close; however much as I reflected there was nothing I felt was valuable to add.On reflection this morning and Bernard's comments, I think the fact maybe that in some way the reason is a blend of both of your comments. Firstly I have no disclosure of interest! never worked for Telecom and am not a big fan of their marketing or operation.I think Reynolds is the change agent who is re-shaping Telecom he has that dower Scottish pragmatism, he has started re-shaping and refocussing the company to the core components. He has through natural attrition or persuasive force changed the key leaders and brought his team in. The results will show in 2009/2010 that is when he will be judged. This all leads to my belief that Ferrit whilst psychologically important to us in the online world is so insignificant to him that it is not worth his while. The majority of the $30m was Terresa's folly and whilst killing the sacrificial play-thing would appeal to our psyche; to him a business which whilst not huge (UB's & $ return) is an e-commerce business without a major competitor (his view)- so for a subsidy of maybe $1 $3m pa. it is insignificant he can play a waiting game.

    Zaslal Eugenio, 30/11/2015 00:13

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