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  • Alan,Well I had a chance to read your book on the way home from Cali on the aialprne. If your Website was an employee would you fire it. I thought it was very helpful and enjoyable. It made me think and realize alot of important factors I am missing or what I would do to change. I would highly recommend this book. For those that think there website is perfect then they need to buy this book. I did. I can tell you that Alan Berg hit every point and question I had brought to attention was answered in his book. All I can say is buy it!!! I can't wait to see Alan speak again at MBA in October. Thank you Alan for taking the time and speaking to me at WEVA. You are an inspiration and you gave me hope on change. I will be contacting you to go over my areas on a private level.Rich StecklerInfinity Films [url=]spuibjjsi[/url] [link=]wppfkke[/link]

    Zaslal Monic, 04/12/2015 19:52

  • I first heard Alan Berg speak at the Ashford Estates. His presentation was amesowe. You could hear a pin drop in the room. I thought that I was doing everything right but after listening to Alan I realized that I had allot work to do. So, I bought his book If your website was and employee would you fire it? I read it in two days. I realized that I didn't really know or understand my target audience. In fact, I was not really targeting anyone specific. I needed to define my audience and target them and interact with them using my website. Design your web site to speak to your audience. In the end it should always be about them and not about you. So, hire a professional to design your website. You have to spend money to make money.The book has many, many tips and suggestions to make you stand out in the crowd. Don't settle for being average. You want to be the best and this book will guide you through the process to being very successful. Allot of the suggestions won't cost you a dime, just your time. Here's one simple change I made after reading Alan's book. Find out when everyone is hitting your website. If it's during the day, specifically from 9 to 5, turn off your music. Many brides look at your web site during normal working hours. If you play music they may exit your web site because they don't want to get caught by their boss. When I looked at my web traffic stats, I saw that most of my hits were between 9 to 5pm. So, I implemented this tip and since then I noticed an increase in how long people remain on my site. This is just one of many suggestions Alan has in his book. Thanks Alan [url=]flegjno[/url] [link=]gtqollx[/link]

    Zaslal Coolfirebob, 01/12/2015 19:05

  • Hello Lisa, I all ready publish in English and Spanish, my first book in Amazon.Kindle and is <a href="">selnilg</a> at $4.95 Techniques Anecdotes and Taboos of Love I have receive positive and negative comments about it. Women s that read it, like it. Man complaint of the poor quality in editing the book and do not agree with the content. My native language is Spanish. So first I wrote it in Spanish and than translate it to English. Because of the content of the book is not to many people in my family circle that I can show it and ask for help, like my Daughters, well educated in the English language. My dear wife read it in Spanish and like it and help me doing some corrections but with English the only help I can obtain free on line was from the automated translator to support my academic limitations with English.Please advice me how to obtain affordable help to present my book decent in Edition and English. Now I m Writing my 2Nd. one. Regards,

    Zaslal Denise, 30/11/2015 08:38

  • I'd like to add my $3 for the bid.I bagsey diocetrr of databases ! (lemme get my hands on them 100,000 email addresses :-)I wonder how many of the Telecom employees will get re-assimilated into the mother ship??We looked at selling our skate hardware and clothing on Ferrit it was such a clunky site and a very clunky back-end. I'm not suprised it fell over . still, it's a shame for the e-commerce image .

    Zaslal Yomaire, 30/11/2015 00:56

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