Grape Festival 2010

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  • guest test post
    <a href=" ">bbcode</a>
    <a href="">html</a> simple

    Zaslal Guestruime, 12/03/2018 21:38

  • Hey Paul, Basically 4 cables come from the 4xOutput LNB they go to 4 F' joeirns at the back of the plate. 4 cables come off the plate and go up to the server PC in the cupboard above. The server handles recording and streaming (MediaPortal) and then I have a PC in the lounge that plays the streams over the network and outputs to the TV via HDMI. Also have PCs in other rooms. Pretty much the same deal with UHF. I do have the option of patching UHF to the TV if I wanted to use the built-in tuner in the TV.Cheers,Rhys [url=]idsgvhow[/url] [link=]lqthny[/link]

    Zaslal Khay, 04/12/2015 19:52

  • Oooh, they are so nice!My camera <a href="">uslaluy</a> lives inside my capacious handbag, just in a small Lowepro pouch without the strap on, which is generally fine. But if I had more bits & accoutrements to carry around with it then a more organised system would be nice One day, when I get an SLR and take some lessons .

    Zaslal Mchael, 03/12/2015 06:59

  • Great Job. Would be good if you could also post a wiring satcmehic as I am interested in what you use at each of your TVs I am guessing media portal is in a client-server set up based on your mention all is delivered by IP [url=]ysljtvsrv[/url] [link=]zybboj[/link]

    Zaslal Felix, 01/12/2015 19:04

  • Interesting points, but that's more about the<a href=""> binusess</a> itself than the execution of those ideas. I am a little skeptical that charging success fees wasn't obvious. That started happening in 2000/2001 and eBay had been around a full 3 years (possibly 4) so the idea was not an epiphany. The simplicity and ease with which it was executed though? Brilliant. When I refer to Google I'm not talking about their sparse design approach. While that was a talking point at the time and against the norm, it is their execution on their core promise which has propelled them from where they were to where they are today. Everyone has tried the sparse approach (MSN live etc), but simply copying an aesthetic will get you nowhere. Google delivers you the results you want at lightning speed, that's the company mission and that's what they execute the best. Ferrit's mission was to provide consumers new products from a large selection of known retailers from the one spot and clip the ticket. A useful idea, potentially big revenue earner, no stock, fairly simple<a href=""> binusess</a> did they execute it though? No. Big fat no. Absolutely is it not obvious that every start-up should have a blog and twitter account. Those things are not useful for every<a href=""> binusess</a> out there. The world isn't made up of 20 something iPhone owners and for most websites, especially small players, converting goals is everything whether they be purchases, signups etc. Sometimes a blog and a twitter account are noise and distract the user reaching the goal. On the flipside just because a website (Trademe) has survived for 10 years without a blog, twitter or API does it mean it shouldn't have one? That's like looking in the rear view mirror all the time and just looking at the analytics and saying yep everything is a well oiled machine let's not disturb the ecosystem! . Trademe has a vocal, active community that would love to get involved more and there are people beating down at the door trying to build apps but the doors have been closed and that community has never been allowed to foster or grow. All they have is a seriously outdated message board). Again, maybe giving the users a better community area would detract from what they should be doing (bidding and selling), but maybe not maybe they would spend more time on the site in general and attract more people to it. The problem is I haven't seen anything being tested, so no one knows.

    Zaslal Tanayut, 30/11/2015 08:38

  • educating New Zealand reeltairs yeah, some one is not doing a very good job then. I have gone to Ferrit a couple of times, out of pity, and found the images of the products, if any image, are so poor, you wonder why they bothered listing the item. Come on, you can Google great product shots if you are too lazy to take a few of the product that's in your system.I don't have a problem with the ideals behind Ferrit, there is just no one with full time passion in behind it.

    Zaslal Andi, 30/11/2015 00:47

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