Grape Festival 2010

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  • Congrats to the winners and hoabnrole mentions. I love the way Mary provided her thoughts on the entries, and the way they were written. :)Great contest Shelli! [url=]xpjmkhgf[/url] [link=]kmpxejnta[/link]

    Zaslal Yayas, 04/12/2015 19:52

  • What does this say about the Telecom management? Clearly there is value there that Telecom cduoln't extract. Directories is one of their few content assets and a formidable platform for high value economic commerce. They didn't even do the basics. [url=]swovod[/url] [link=]tppiqvqsxc[/link]

    Zaslal Islambih, 01/12/2015 19:04

  • Ferrit were spending mebkgucas on Adwords each month showing up first place for basically every product-related phrase under the sun. But their organic SEO was all but completely ignored. Yes, they did make improvements over time but it seemed to be too little too late.I agree with Lance in that a couple of developers should be plenty to keep a site like this going. Do the TradeMe thing and develop good systems that don't require too much human interaction. Focus on good organic SEO instead of paid search marketing. Focus on user experience etc, and do the whole thing on a tight budget so that getting a ROI out of the site is actually achievable. With the costs Ferrit were clocking up, they never really had a chance of getting any ROI. How can you make any money when you have a few dollars margin on a product, and you are paying a few dollars a click for advertising?The domain is in a good position now to be picked up by someone who can revamp it and create some buzz. It should be easy enough to get a list of honest complaints/feedback from retailers and customers (just ask them). If someone revamped the site with this feedback in mind, it would generate buzz in the media and the project would have a chance.

    Zaslal Alianna, 30/11/2015 00:13

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