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  • Mavlon Shukurzoda :Assalomu aleykum, nash doogroy Evgeniy Semenovich! Ya toje prisoedinyayus k pozdravleniyam. Day bog vam zdorovya, sili i tvorcheskih udach. Dumayu vi ochen schastliviy chelovek na svete, potomu chto v lyuboy strane mira vi imeete ih, spasibo vam za vse sdelannoe. [url=]gxxivqgmok[/url] [link=]yxznjwc[/link]

    Zaslal Mushroom, 04/12/2015 19:52

  • Totally agree! I've dealt with Tele-bomb a number of times at a sgittearc level. They are so fragmented that it's amazing they even made profits in the past. Most of the senior tech people prefer to blow there own horns than actually listen and learn from people with actual experience. Fark, they had some dumbarse running the mobile side whose only experience was good uni grades and a stint in HP selling PDA shet to corporates! A salesman make not a good leader well most of the time.Anyhow .. rant over ;P [url=]qjcevdnqmtb[/url] [link=]aqrsyg[/link]

    Zaslal Mukti, 01/12/2015 19:04

  • Telecom's successful moves are two I think: the<a href=""> ivenstmnet</a> in the Southern Cross Cable and cutting costs by outsourcing network management to Alcatel. However, Telecom passed on a chance to buy the half of SCC that it doesn't own for some reason, and now Alcatel has them by the short and curlies because it runs both the fixed and mobile networks.Apart from Ferrit and Australia, the 027 CDMA network is looking like a dubious<a href=""> ivenstmnet</a> now. What happened to all the plans to become a player in the content market, through IPTV and VoD? Who remembers Telecom's Video Shed in the Viaduct? Nothing came out of that. Telecom's focused on defending existing revenue streams, a strategy that's worked because it has no competition. I think the idea is now to move on from that to own the national infrastructure for others to rent out. Trouble is, that infrastructure is dated where's the promised NGN? so it's not exactly a great deal for anyone.

    Zaslal Hartvelly, 30/11/2015 08:37

  • What frustrates me is that Telecom btcohed an opportunity and probably alienated the major retailers from trying this sort of thing again. The idea was good, but their execution was flawed. In some areas they got noticeably better but they got too many basics wrong. Out of all the people they hired and all the resources at their disposal could they not find ANYBODY to tell them things like, hey, there's too much text on the product detail pages and it's all faint grey and tiny font OR hey, i did a search for a widget and got back bogus results . As time went on Ferrit slowly got better, but not quickly enough. In saying that, I think there is room for a Ferrit. I used the service a few times and found it convenient. You see, I find Trademe an ordeal really. I don't want to bid or buy now and then have to communicate with some sod I've never met and fluff about with payment etc. I generally just want to buy the bloody thing from a named retailer and get it delivered without any fuss. Ferrit was great in that I could search for something and check out which retailers stocked it and at what price and then I could make my own choice who to buy from. So in that sense I'm kind of disappointed that Telecom sunk 30 odd million into this venture and made it impossible for themselves from the start. How can you even spend that much? It's not rocket science what they're doing, but when you're only revenue model is to clip the ticket on the way through then that's a LOT of ticket-clipping to recoup those millions. Somebody should do something and save it, there's a huge opportunity there. It would be a complete waste if Telecom were to simply bin it.

    Zaslal Katherine, 30/11/2015 00:12

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