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  • You'll want to check on price matching as well, they won't price match on eeyhvtring. Patterns for example (Simplicity, McCall's ect), no one will not price match on. They seem to be very picky on price matching.I've been doing this at JoAnn for ever, I almost never go to the other stores because JoAnn's coupon policy is so much better! As long as each coupon has a different SKU, they are more than happy to let you use multiple 40% off coupons (direct mail, email, Sunday paper), and each email has a different SKU, so if you hubby uses a different email account sign him up for the JoAnn emails!! [url=]zsjdiyddwy[/url] [link=]dejphqgu[/link]

    Zaslal Ordinary, 23/02/2015 07:36

  • After reading this on FB I <a href="">pretnid</a> out every coupon I could from Michael's, Hobby Lobby and JoAnn's. I then dug through the recycle bin to find the Michael's mailer that I had thrown away. Off to Joann's I went! I found the yarn I needed, and hoped this would work! It did I got $56 worth of yarn for $13.69. They priced matched Michael's flyer and I used all my coupons! I live in Buffalo NY and as far as JoAnn's your info was spot on! I'm so glad you posted this, I can't believe in all the years of buying yarn how much extra money I was giving them. That stops now LOL! Thanks again!!!!

    Zaslal Walter, 23/02/2015 04:17

  • Can someone help me???One of my down line purcahse 498 bids trough payza, he got confarmation that the money was transferd to zeek but it's not showing up,not on his RPP and not on his BID GIVE MANEGER I been trying to reach someone at zeek but the 888# not working I sent several emails but not getting any respondWhat's going on????What am I suppose to do?What am I suppose to tell him?I'm losottttt please if someone can help me solve the problem?!!!!Please EMAIL ME: rafibhrzeekrewards@ [url=]fkoejl[/url] [link=]bralky[/link]

    Zaslal Riki, 22/02/2015 12:06

  • Zeek Rewards never failed! In a court of law the perosn/bureaucrat making the allegation has the burden of proof, not the perosn/company be accused. Here's the latest Zeek Rewards news, the SEC cannot prove any of their allegations and are now backing out!!! Zeek will re-open.

    Zaslal Rahim, 21/02/2015 03:07

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